Relais Corte dei Turchi Terre del Rubicone
Relais Corte dei Turchi Terre del Rubicone
Relais Corte dei Turchi Terre del Rubicone
Relais Corte dei Turchi Terre del Rubicone
Relais Corte dei Turchi Terre del Rubicone
Relais Corte dei Turchi Terre del Rubicone
Relais Corte dei Turchi Terre del Rubicone

The Lands of Rubicone

The Rubicone Territory is among the most popular destinations in Emilia Romagna and the medieval village of Longiano, home of the Relais Corte dei Turchi dominates these lands. It is an excellent spot to discover the Romagna region and the places with time-honoured traditions still alive in the many medieval villages.

Terre del Rubicone Corte dei Turchi

Like a rope that winds its way through ancient traditions, "La Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori" (the Wine and Flavours Route) connects the wine-cellars, where an excellent Sangiovese or the noble Albana wine is produced, to the oil mills where olives are still cold pressed to produce a fine and delicate oil. It stretches as far as Sogliano, homeland of the Fossa or Montetiffi cheese, where for centuries the terracotta pans for cooking the Romagna piadina have been made.

Your holidays in Romagna run from one valley to another, from one ridge to another, with the view of San Marino and the Adriatic Sea on the horizon. You will discover landscapes of rare beauty, hills cultivated with orchards that bloom simultaneously in spring, giving the impression of appearing in a painting by Van Gogh, between brush strokes of pink, white, yellow and patches of woodland where it is not uncommon to come across some roe deer and barren clay ravines. And everywhere ancient olive groves and vineyards appear in orderly rows that rise from the valley floor to the hills.

The enchanting Rubicone Territory is among the destinations in Emilia Romagna to suit all tastes and cyclists will be delighted to ride on the trails and roads of the legendary "Nove Colli" (Nine Hills) cycling race.

A small medieval village of houses clustered around a castle or the remains of a tower perches on top of every hill: memories of the magnificence and intrigues of the Malatesta, Guidi, Borgia, and Montefeltro families.
In each village there is a small square, an inn, a small trattoria; corners where time has stopped, where it is still possible, between one card game and another, to stop and contemplate the sunset embraced by the aromas of good Romagna cuisine. Enjoy a dish of homemade tagliatelle, a hot and crispy Romagna piadina with hand-cut ham or squaquerone cheese, traditional trifle with alkermes liqueur, a piece of "Fossa" cheese accompanied by "Savor" jam together with a good glass of genuine Sangiovese wine.

The medieval village of Longiano, is equally impressive with its famous Malatesta Castle which houses the exclusive Relais Corte dei Turchi, an old patrician house and charming residence, that offers its guests peaceful moments of pure relaxation in apartments and rooms with bed and breakfast service.
The Relais Corte dei Turchi is accessible from the main Italian motorways and looks forward to welcoming you for an enjoyable holiday in Romagna. In this beautiful place overlooking the Rubicone Valley you can participate in the many activities and celebrations that take place every year within the walls of Longiano, this delightful place included among the most charming villages of Italy.

Terre del Rubicone Corte dei Turchi
Main itineraries to visit:
  • Roncofreddo, Sorrivoli, Monteleone, Savignano, Borghi, Sogliano, Montetiffi.

  • Distretto Calzature di lusso di San Mauro Pascoli e Savignano sul Rubicone con calzaturifici conosciuti in tutto il mondo come Pollini, Sergio Rossi, Baldinini, Giuseppe Zanotti e tanti altri ancora.

  • On the Adriatic coast:
    Cesenatico, Cervia-Milano Marittima, Bellaria-Igea Marina, Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica.

  • Cesena, Bertinoro, Fratta Terme, Forlimpopoli, Forlì.

  • Climbing up along the Savio Valley:
    Sarsina, Bagno di Romagna, the national park of the woods of Casentino

  • Ravenna, pinewood of Classe, Comacchio

  • S. Arcangelo and Valmarecchia:
    Verucchio, Torriana, Montebello, S.Marino, S.Leo, Pennabilli

  • Montefiore Conca, Gradara, he headlands of Gabicce, Casteldimezzo, Fiorenzuola di Focara.

  • Pesaro, Urbino and Montefeltro.